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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
July 10, 2013

It was a sunny day in Orlando. He was sitting on the bed, watching TV. Even though Chris and Jill are on vacation for the rest of the month, he started to worried about her. Jill has been watching adult shows, like "Hollywood FuckPardoies 3some" and "Throbbin' Hood and Other XXX Fairy Tales", on adult channels, watching porn online, and renting adult DVDs. Anyway, he watched a few shows on those channels to see. After he was done, he went outside to get some fresh air. His predicement was right, when he saw Jill taking photos of herself, naked. He looked at her and snatched the phone from her.

"What the hell were you're thinking, Jill?! You're becoming a horny operative!" Chris yelled at her.

Blushing and confused, Jill started to walk away, but he grabbed her legs and spread them out. When he saw her anus, he got a idea and took off his swimming trunks. She tried to move, but Chris put her on the wall and was aiming his cock to her ass!

"I'm going to punish you for becoming a naughty girl... and this punishment is going to hurt a lot because I'm fucking your ass real hard! You got that?" He asked.

Jill about to respond him with a answer, but decided not to talk since her asshole slowly spread open and Chris's penis suddenly started to reach inside her ass. She screamed as he entered in force.

"No! Don't do that! It hurts!" She begged.

He ingored her and started to thrust harder. She gave up and started moaning in pleasure. Before she knew it, the splutter of cum busted in her ass, she could yet feel the mild amount of hot cum shove down her anus.

He dropped her on the floor and said, "Now put some clothes on and get in the car or I'll fuck your ass again."

He could tell that she don't want that happened, because as soon Jill got up, and went back to the hotel room in shame.

"That horny director..." Chris muttered as he put his swimming trunks back on and went to the room.

A hour later....

The two got in the car and drove to the mall. When they got out, they went inside to the mall.

"Where are going first?"

"Mabye we should go to a sex shop."

"Oh no..." He joked.

They went to Sexy Erotic XXX Shop. Chris noticed the books, toys, and other stuff they have. She knew what's makes him horny: lesbians. So she found a DVD of it and paid it. He was still looking when he founded a pink vibrator and some erotic book. He paid them and they leave the store.

"Now what should we do now?" Chris asked.

"You tell me..." Jill answered.

They went to shop perfume, gift baskets, clothes, etc. After hours has been passed, it was nightime and they left around 8:30 P.M. After some dinner at a fancy resturant, they went back to their hotel room. Jill grabbed the phone and place some order of burgers and fries. When their food arrived, she was surprised that she noticed the whole chocolate and vanilla cakes with the sections of cookies and small pieces of berry filled doughnut looking pastries that came with the order. She put the DVD in the DVD player and sat down on the bed.

Chris gets very horny when it's come to lesbians, so he decided to not get a erection to impress her. Suddenly, halfway through the movie, he couldn't take it longer and got a erection. When the movie ends, he stared at her before passionalty kissed her. They moaned around the kiss and they stopped. He grabbed the vibrator out of the bed and started to undress her, leaving her naked. She gasped as he entered the vibrator to her cilt and turned it on. She moaned as she felt the vibrator vibrate and got into the doggy style to prevent it from slipping off.

He watched her shook as he took off his pants and shirt, shocking her that he not wearing boxers. He about to enter her when she took the vibrator out and orgasmed. When she was done, he entered his cock to her pussy, slowly thrusting in and out. He entered two fingers inside her, making her moan in pleasure. Then he went harder and faster, trying to reach his orgasm. He felt her tighten around him and knew she was coming. He exploded deep inside her with enough force to make her cum too, as it slipping and pooling to her knees.

He collasped onto the bed beside her and they were kissing. It was less passionate than before, they looked absolutely drained. Sighing, he rolls off to the side and pulls the blanket over them, boneless expect for the hand that comes to rest on her hip.

"I owe you a aplogoy for today..." Chris said.

"It's okay..."

"Good night, darling..." he said as he kissed her.

"Good night, my solider." She said before they fell asleep.
Punishing Horny Operatives on Vacation
Post-RE6. Chris noticed that Jill is getting horny during vacation. [sexual content]
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
June 29, 2013

Ediona Strip Club

It was a beautiful night at the club. The strip club is the most popular one in Eastern Europe. The club has strippers, alcohol, and club drugs. Jill is in her dressing room, getting ready for the show. She'd been working at the club for 4 months, needing extra money and to find Chris.

"Five minutes, Valentine. And did you brought in pills of X?" The worker said.

"Yes. I've put them in ice cubes, some of them, and also brought in GHB, LSD, Rohypnol, cocaine, and marijuana to keep them good." Jill answered.


The worker left, to do some buiness. She went in the drawer and grabbed her dilio (it's purple) and vibrator (it's pink). Then she went to the stage to perfom.

"You're up next, so knock them dead!," the lady said.

Jill noded and went to the stage. She grabbed her hand and spinned around, wrapping her legs on the pole. People started throwing money on the stage. Then she grabbed her dilio and put it on the floor, and pulled her underwear to her feet. She sat on the dilio and the toy entered inside her pussy. Jill moaned in pleasure and pain, just before instering the vibrator into her cilt and turning it on. She shook as she rides into the toy. More money is thrown to her. After a while, she couldn't hold it and shook violently as she orgasmed. After she was finished, she pulled the toys out. By the end of her performance, she had made over $1,000!

After putting on her underwear back on, she walked around and founded Piers.

"Have you find him yet?"

"Not yet... I'll try."

Jill went to the bar section and sat on the table, ordering two drinks (the first was vodka, filled with two Ecstasy ice cubes and the second was fruit beer, filled with two ounces of powder of GHB). She drunk the first one, but decided to save the second one later. She finally saw Chris, who was getting a drink of beer.

"Sorry. I needed some beer." He said.

So Jill grabbed the bottle of beer and pour it in, and putting two Ecstasy ice cubes. She gave it to him and he drank it, even sucking the ice cubes.

"Thank you.... What? Jill, what are you doing here?" Chris asked.

"Working as a stripper. Also, trying to find you."

"I've missed you..."

He then wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. It was passionate. So she opened her mouth and her tongue touched his. Chris and Jill exchanged saliva with each other as they were busy making out. After a while, they stopped kissing for a while and had a thin trace of saliva. The two gently swallowed it, tasting their spit.

"Come on, baby. Bring a bottle of wine, your drink and meet me in your dressing room." Chris said.

Jill took the bottle and her drink and went to her dressing room. She sat the drinks  down and poured the white wine inside of her black underwear. Then she pulled her underwear off, making the juices soak her pussy. Right about that time, Chris came in and locked the door.

He felt his erection on his penis, so it made a bulge on his pants. She gasped in exicitement and felt herself wet. Jill put her hand into his pants, and stroking his erection. Chris closed his eyes, and moaned. She pulled out and unbulcked his belt, then pulling his pants off. She took the head to her mouth, slowly sucking it. He moaned for a little bit before she pulled out.

She laided on the floor and slowly spead her legs, granting a view directly into her. He gently sild its tongue along her cilt, enjoying the taste of her sweet, vanilla and wine juicies. He licked for a while before he stopped.

Chris slid his penis into her. He felt the burning hot wetness inside her so he started trusting. She moaned again, half-pleasure and half-pain. He thrusted deeper and faster. She begin to tighten around his cock, making her more love.

Jill couldn't hold it any longer, so she reached her orgasm, making her shooked. She looked at his groin, soaked from the spray of her orgasm, and dripping her fluids to his legs. Then she felt her loin filled with hot cum.

Because of her orgasm, Chris could not hold the amount he got. He felt his seed spray deep within her tight loins. He pulled his manhood out, still ejaculating on her stomach, breasts, and face. A seemingly endless ejaculation, spurt after spurt after spurt, years of pent up sexual want released on Jill, covering her with his warm, sticky seed. He was finally finished and cum flowed out of her.

She watched him fall asleep, happy. She got up and clean up. Then she drank her second drink. Unfortunely, the overdose is easy and mixing it with alcohol is very dangerous, so she lost consciousness and fell to the floor.

25 minutes later, Chris woke up to find Jill unconscious. So he call 911 and the emergency staff arrived. The EMT explained about what happened.

"I've discoved she took Ecstasy and GHB. But she need to survive."

"We'll try our best. Come to the hospital in the morning."

The vehicle left, so Chris went back to the bar. Piers found him and told him that they are leaving at 11:30 in the morning.

The Next Morning, 11:17 A.M.

Edoina Hospital

He was sitting in the waiting room when the doctor came.

"She survived the overdose and founded three types of drugs, including alcohol, in her body. She awake now, so you might want to speak to her now." The doctor said.

"Thank you."

Chris went to the hospital room. Jill was hooked into a few tubes and was wearing a hospital grown.

"Chris? Where am I?"

"You did drugs and overdosed yourself. In the club."

"I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking clearly."

"By the way, I'm leaving for my mission in China. So...."

He gave her a kiss. A kiss that will never forget....

"Promise me you'll come back."

"I will, Jill. I will...."
Dancer Lover
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